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Cân tỷ trọng EK-iD/GF-D

EK-iD/GF-D density balance Information

Analytical Instruments


Product Description

EK-iD/GF-D density balance Information

Analytical Instruments

Products Information

A & D density measurement using high-precision scales and weighing systems of strict procedures, making density directly displayed on the screen. Thus greatly reducing the cumbersome manual conversion and human error. Simple, direct, clear, clear. Meet various industrial applications and scientific research departments density measurement requirements

Objects can be measured:
Solid, liquid, floating particles, powders, viscous body Spongiform.
Applicable industry:

Institute of Chemical research institutions, and electronics industries, and rubber industry, the plastic industry, electric wires rugby manufacturing, footwear, sporting goods industry, the food industry, the cosmetics industry, paper industry, machinery industry, powder metallurgy industry, the tire manufacturing, the auto industry, and so on.
Application materials:

Plastic particles, particles of nylon, rubber granules, PVC materials, EVA material, plastic composite materials, resin, metal products, metal powder, PC material, silica, stone and graphite materials, glass products, various alloys, various chemical solution etc..


● backlight source with the high-definition display

Showing characters as high as 16 mm LCD (EK-iD series), high-definition fluorescent display (GF-D series), easy to observe and apply to the dark environment.

● rapid sensitive weighing system

GF-D using rapid sensitive SHS weighing sensors, stable time just one second. Resolution of 1 / 60000, internal resolution of 1 / 10000000.

● detect environmental regulation

Adjusted three FAST MID SLOW reaction speed. Adaptation air flow and the slight vibration environment. In the surrounding area of the vibration and air balance in weighing the impact to a minimum.

● Direct Reading solid density measurement

Reduce red tape operation and the conversion of error.

● Direct Reading liquid density measurement

Buttons can be realized without direct reading.

● full digital calibration range can be modified weight weight

Apply to 0.1 calibration and calibration range.

● direct reference to the importation of water temperature or density of liquid

Temperature measurement by the media to minimize the error.

● target density of comparison, can be realized with alarm function

By setting maximum limits to achieve the level spacing (Hi, OK, Lo) to compare. Matching output can be relatively simple and alarm installation of industrial control functions.

● automatic shutdown

Can be set to stop using more than 10 minutes automatic shutdown.

● standard serial interface and communications software

Configuration standard RS-232C communications interface, optional RS-232 cable connecting the computer or printer. WinCT supplied the original development of the software for data transmission and two-way control external equipment. Data can be automatically imported Windows / Office / Excel, and other systems.

Preservation of measurements, the results of a number of statistical analysis;

Consecutive record for water absorption and swelling, and the porosity of the calculation;

Continuous records, a chart showing measurement process.

● built-in GLP / GMP / ISO software

With the original printer AD-8121B can be realized date, time, identification number, serial numbers balance, and correct data-heavy gross weight, frequency, maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation of the print output.

Model Weighing





density values

Repeat accuracy
EK-300iD 300g 0.01g 0.001g/cm3 0.002g/cm3
EK-3000iD 3000g 0.1g 0.01g/cm3 0.02g/cm3
GF-300D 310g 0.001g 0.001g/cm3 0.002g/cm3
GF-3000D 3100g 0.01g 0.001g/cm3 0.002g/cm3



Said disk size
108 × 80mm


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