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Đầu cân hệ thống XK3190-C8



      Weighing indicator XK3190-C8 adopts fast speed ¡Æ-¡÷ A/D conversion technology. It is widely applied in electronic batching scale electronic fix-value scale and electronic catchweigher, sort of control system. Meanwhile, it has function for max and min limitation alarm and peak value preserving.

3 inputs, 3 outputs (3 output relays inside) controHigh precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000

With 5 points nonlinearity amend

If change the former indicator, no need to re-calibrate, only to input parameter of former indicator

Embodies with automatic gravimetric filling instruments, catchweigher, alarm for max and min limitation and peak value preserving functions

Able to set fixed-value, pre-act value, max-min limitation, and delay time freely based on different applications

1-2 materials available for plus/minus scale; external, self-testing, and free max and min modes are available for catchweigher

Standard RS-232/422/485 communication interface, baud rate and way of communication is optional

Standard scoreboard interface serial sending signal by 20mA current loop (constant current)

Precise simulate signal output with mode of 4-20mA/0-20mA/0-5v/0-10v optional, adjustable

Accumulative weight and times is able to be stored, check , delete, and with date-protection when power cut off

Able to connect with serial printer to print weighing record, accumulative amount or combined information, kg, t, g, lb, is an optional print unit

Zero tracking, range for zero (automatic and manual) is free to be set

Strong anti-jamming and reliability

ESD protection performance: touch 6KV, air 8KV

Able to recover from factory setting


Technical parameter:

accuracy class: ( III )

AD conversion method: ¡Æ-¡÷ conversion technology

AD conversion bit: 24bit

Conversion speed: 80 times/s

Input signal range: -19mV~+19mV

Input sensitivity: ¡Ý1uV/e

Nonlinearity:¡Ü0.01% F.S

Full spam temperature:¡Ü8PPM/¡æ

Load cell excitation: DC: 5V:350Ma

Numbers of load cell connection: 1-8 load cells 350¦¸

Method of load cell connection: 6 wire, auto compensation for long distance.

Display: 7-digit LED, height of bit 0.5 inch, 11 status lights.

Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional

Clock: able to show real time and date

Keyboard: 5 soft-touch buttons

Scoreboard interface: adopts serial sending signal by 20mA current loop

Communication interface: optional serial communication RS232C/RS422/RS485 and baud rate 600-9600

Print interface: share the serial interface, able to connect with serial printer.

Relay output: capacity of AC: 220v, 0.5A

External input: on/off touch point (on/off controls in effect), able to connect controller such as proximity switch

 Power supply: AC 110-230v, 50/60Hz 1ATemperature and humidity in application: 0-40¡æ; ¡Ü90%RH

 Temperature for store and transportation: -20~50¡æ

 Weight: about 700g

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