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Cân sấy ẩm MOC-120H


Moisture Analyzer

Accurate moisture measurement with new weight sensor: UniBloc

     The moisture content of a variety of samples can be measured using an array of drying modes. The drying status can be seen at-a-glance with the fluctuation range display.
Active in a variety of fields (cereals, starch, flour, noodles, brewed products, sea foods and marine products, meat products, spices, sweets, dairy products, dried foods, vegetable oils and other food articles; pharmaceuticals; ores; cokes; glass materials; cement; chemical fertilizers; pulp and paper; cotton; various fabrics and other industrial goods); enabling measurement of samples (cereals, foods, and chemical products) under various conditions (powder, particles, paste, and liquid).


     Large Pan

A large sample pan (130mm diameter) enables a large amount of sample to be placed evenly in a thin layer. This results in accurate and fast measurements with minimal drying non-uniformities.

Long-life heater

A mid-wave infrared quartz heater provides effective drying without interference for a wide range of samples. In addition to the excellent drying performance, it offers a long operational life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

UniBloc sensor

The internal precision weighing balance is engineered with a Shimadzu UniBloc cell. The mechanism provides excellent stability and a long operational life against repeated temperature changes, enabling easy measurements down to 0.001g.

Moisture vaporization monitoring

The moisture vaporization rate is monitored and can be visually seen on a bar graph display. This is useful to know as the measurement nears completion. It updates every 30 seconds.

Auto-taring mechanism

The MOC-120H is equipped with a unique auto-taring mechanism, which adjusts the zero drift automatically and ensures high accuracy, even when measuring during an extended period.

Bias correction function

The bias correction function allows adjustment to the data obtained by other measuring methods or other testers.

Backlight LCD

Large backlit LCD is easily read even under poor lighting conditions.

Data memory and printer output


        Image of table

Shimadzu's unique Windows® Direct function is standard. Measurement data can be easily sent to an application such as Excel®. After import to Excel, data can be processed as one pleases, using familiar functions such as statistical calculations and graph charting. Connection requires only a single RS232C cable. Interface connections and software installations are completely unnecessary




Measuring method

Infrared heat drying mass measurement

Sample pan size

ø130 mm

Minimum display in weighing


Measurement range of moisture content

0.01% to 100.00%

Moisture content minimum display


Maximum sample capacity

120 g

Measurement mode

Automatic or Timed halting modes, Rapid, Slow and Step drying modes, Predictive Measuring mode

Drying heater

Mid-wave infrared quartz heater

Setting temperature range

30°C to 180 °C (by 1°C increments)

Dimensions & weight

W220xD415xH190 (mm), 4.5 kg

Operational temperature and humidity range

range5 °Cto 40°C, 85% RH maximum

Power requirements

100 V to 127 V/220 V to 240 V AC, 640 W maximum

Standard accessories

Sample pan 2 pcs, sample pan stop, windbreak case, sample pan, handler 2 pcs, aluminum sheet 20 pcs, spoon, spatula

Optional Units

·   Printer set (Connection cord, printer paper (thermal paper) 1 roll included)

·   AC adaptor

·   Printer paper (10 roll set9RS-232C cable)

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